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The enchanting Vasto has it all

Anyone who has been there knows it: Vasto is fantastic. To be honest, it's one of Annemie and Luc's absolute favorite spots, the Abruzzo enthusiasts behind this site. Vasto, the pearl of the Costa dei Trabocchi and Abruzzo, is like a historical balcony overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It is a city where naval battles were reenacted two millennia ago. Le pietre parlano in Vasto, the stones speak. It was once the seat of the Pope. A crossroads between Rome and Greece, it was formerly known as the "Athens of Abruzzo". The restaurants here serve the famous brodetto vastese, a counterpart to bouillabaisse. Cappuccino with cake in Corso Plebiscito costs 2.10 EUR. Pristine beaches with all amenities, a true nature reserve bordering the beautiful blue sea, top wines at unbeatable prices, hospitable people, culture, shopping, and terraces – enchanting Vasto has it all.

For visitors to this website, we will gradually unravel the secrets of Vasto. If you would like to go there, send an email to, and we will provide you with a lot of tips on attractions, places to stay, the best wines from the region, the nicest restaurants, and more. But above all, make regular visits to the site and subscribe to the newsletter.

As a starting tip for accommodation, the place where we always return: Best Vasto. Visit


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