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Abruzzo reisgids travel guide

Abruzzo, mon amour

"Strong and gentle, that's the population of Abruzzo. And the region itself. Says George Clooney, who filmed 'The American' there. We drive along the 'Via Verde', a picturesque cycling route along the beautiful blue sea. The Costa dei Trabocchi and its gem Vasto, a synthesis of three millennia of world history. The charming city center of Pescara and the San Vito of Gabriele d'Annunzio. The brodetto as an upgrade of bouillabaisse. Skiing with a view of the sea, it can only be done here. Medieval villages nestled against the mountainside. The Triangolo d'Oro of olive oil and, according to experts, the most underrated wines of Italy. Abruzzo, the greenest region in Europe, with its jewels of national parks and wildlife. In short, Abruzzo Mon Amour."

Puglia reisgids travel guide

Puglia, mon amour

Visiting Puglia once will guarantee your return every year. A beautiful starting point is Vieste in the Gargano (the 'pimple' of Italy), considered by many as the most beautiful city along the Adriatic Sea, with the nearby Tremiti Islands. You have the vibrant city of Bari, the trulli in Locorotondo, and the snow-white Ostuni. Step by step, immerse yourself in the enchanting Grotte di Castellana. Explore the baroque city of Lecce and Brindisi, an ancient gateway to Greece. The most beautiful scenic route in the world will take you all the way to Santa Maria di Leuca, located in the heel of Italy, just a stone's throw away from Corfu. Puglia, with its cucina povera and silver fields of olive groves. In short, Puglia Mon Amour.

Guasto d'amore

The secret of the Rossetti's in Vasto


The young Frenchman, Michel Cardoni, sat on the steps of the train station and put on his sunglasses. Slowly, the scents of Italy and the city's profile enveloped him. The fantastic Vasto, where he had lived as a toddler and now returned to. Vasto, like a balcony overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the "Athens of Abruzzo," a city where the papal seat had once resided, a breeding ground for the Templars, and a synthesis of three thousand years of history. A proud city captivated by the genius of the Rossettis, from whom Michel himself descended. He recognized the bell tower of the Chiesa di Santa Maria, which he had seen on the internet. Around the church, there was no building that could rival it in size and importance. This brought him a sense of peace. He knew that the bell tower would play a role. "My point of reference," he thought, the point that would lead him to the ancestral home he knew was only a few dozen meters from the church. The house that was now his, the sole heirloom of his father who had passed away weeks earlier. Sylvie appeared in his mind's eye. His hands rested on the velvet of her buttocks, her pear-shaped breasts caressed his chest hair. "Don't leave," whispered the pear-shaped breasts, "don't leave me alone." Strange that she speaks to me in Italian, he thought. Santa Maria pulled him away from the tenderness and brought him back to his senses. What do you think? Would Michel Cardoni truly have taken his next step, his left foot in the direction of his identity, if he had even the slightest inkling of what awaited him?

Milaan Rome Venetië Turijn reisgids

Italia, Italia, Italia!

"Italia, Italia, Italia!" were the last words of painter Amedeo Modigliani on his deathbed in Paris. The book takes us to six unique cities that evoke envy from any country. The Milan of Leonardo da Vinci. The Egyptian Museum in Turin, one of the 36 museums in the city. Venice, to be navigated in moderation. Rome, as if Julius Caesar walks beside you. Naples, the kingdom of pizza, Gomorrah, and limoncello. 25% of all UNESCO World Heritage sites in one country. Ferrari and Lambretta, pasta al tartufo and Prosecco, Gucci and Armani, Roberto Benigni and Federico Fellini: everything and everyone converge in Italia, Italia, Italia!

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