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'Le pietre parlano', the stones speak

Walking through Vast, Part 1

Welcome to our walk through the fantastic Vasto, the pearl of the Costa dei Trabocchi and the Adriatic Sea. To visit that sublime Vasto, we are using an excellent guide. Historian, author, and entrepreneur Alessandro Obino seems to be the perfect guy for the job. He is the writer of a bestseller that is used as teaching material in many schools in the region: "Guasto d'Amore." An untranslatable title, as "Guasto" is both the ancient name of Vasto and "waste" in Italian. Wasted love in Vasto, something like that. One thing is for sure, it is a city where love can be found around every corner. And love is at its most beautiful when it is given abundantly from silver cups, but being too beautiful is also possible. The account of this walk is nothing more than a collection of snippets from a four-day tour. A tour that feels like an elongated fitness session, as Vasto is constantly up and down.

"Le pietre parlano," says Obino. The stones speak. At the beginning of the first day, we examine an illustrated map of the city, part of the guide "Vasto, tesori da scoprire," treasures to discover. Early in the morning, we have already admired the colorful spectacle. Anyone who looks attentively at a city map, any city, can learn a lot. It's no different in Vasto, quite the opposite. There are maps with not only the streets but also drawn images of the main buildings. In between the streets, you can see irregular square and rectangular blocks. These are mainly traces of ancient Rome in Vasto. You can find them everywhere in the cityscape. Here a low wall, there a pillar, a bit further the remains of a recent excavation. In Vasto, you walk through the streets of history. The stones speak.

For the visitors of this website, we will gradually unravel the secrets of Vasto. If you would like to go there, send an email to, and we will provide you with a lot of tips on sights to see, places to stay, the finest wines from the region, the coolest restaurants, and more. But above all, make sure to regularly visit the website and subscribe to the newsletter.

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