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Cooking Holiday in Abruzzo

A vacation dedicated to the typical Abruzzese cuisine, a unique and unforgettable experience.

DegustAbruzzo is a cultural and enogastronomic association aimed at promoting the top Italian region of Abruzzo, specifically its traditions and flavors that characterize this marvelous area. Abruzzo is an area that undergoes constant changes due to its climate, the influences of mountains and sea, and geological elements, with a deep-rooted relationship between landscape, natural resources, and food culture.

During our tours, we are guests of private individuals, restaurants, olive oil producers, vineyards, and more, and we are warmly received by local experts. Chefs will teach us how to prepare typical Abruzzese dishes, sharing their secrets with us. We get to experience everyday life in Abruzzo, among ordinary people who prepare simple yet delicious dishes each day.

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