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Aglio d’orsino, the ‘garlic of the bear’

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Abruzzo is full of surprises. All sorts of surprises. Abruzzo, strong and gentle, but in this case mainly strong! One of the very special features in this region is the wild garlic, called ‘aglio d’orsino’ in Italian (‘garlic of the bear’), named after the bears that like it so much. In Italy you’ll find bears in two specific regions: in the north (Piemonte) and in Abruzzo. Many Italians love this aglio d’orsino and will do anything to find it, blending it often with toasted almonds to make a pesto. For many ‘abruzzesi’ the smell of wild garlic is a sign that spring is really on its way. You’ll find it not too often in the shops, as this garlic is not easy to find, but whenever it is present in your kitchen, then the feast is on! In the kitchen a pesto made of aglio d’orsino is often combined with dried tomato sauce. This is suitable as a condiment for pasta, risotto, fresh cheeses, bruschetta’s, pizzas and focaccie, it gives an unmistakable aroma to fish, white meats and salads.


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